Blog 25th May 2012

MLRC has surpassed the 1,000 mark of advice & representation to clients

This week sees the number of clients that MLRC has provided advice and representation reaching a figure of 1,250 clients.  We at MLRC assist those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless access their rights and entitlements.  In doing so we are providing a unique legal and befriending service catering to an unmet need for those who find themselves on the margins of our society.  We provide a service that is not catered for by any other organisation or state body.

MLRC focuses on establishing and developing links and good working relationships with organisations working in this area and various departments and representatives of the Local Authorities and State bodies such as the HSE.  These key relationships act as a substantial means of achieving positive outcomes for our clients.  In addition MLRC provides a high level of advocacy and legal submissions which ensure that the need for contentious litigation is greatly reduced.  To date mediation and settlement of Judicial Review cases has resulted in legislative changes and adoption of new practices by Local Authorities.


MLRC acknowledges €12,000 Grant from St. Stephen’s Green Trust

MLRC is entirely dependent on donations and acknowledges with that the donation of €12,000 from St. Stephen’s Green Trust.  This is the second year we have received funding from the trust and we are pleased that this year they have provided the maximum of funding level available to them.  Click here to read more about St. Stephen’s Green Trust.


Business in the Community Ireland showing how business can successfully partner with non-profit organisations

MLRC as an independent non-profit law firm and charity understands the difficulties out there for the not-for-profit organisations in Ireland in these recessionary times.  We were pleased to read the article in the Irish Times highlighting the partnerships of Irish businesses with those of us in the non-profit sector, click here to read more.

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