MLRC has signed up to the One Percent Difference Campaign, 1/7/13

Mercy Law Resource Centre has already signed up to the One Percent Difference Campaign, joining some 530 other charities!

The One Percent Difference Campaign was launched in Dublin last month with the view to increasing philanthropic interest in Ireland.  Along with individuals, businesses are also encouraged to get involved in the campaign. The One Percent Difference Campaign calls on everyone to give 1% of their income, whether small or large, to help a worthy cause close to their heart.

MLRC gives free legal aid to people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. To donate online to MLRC please click here.

Visit the One Percent Difference Website, where there is a handy gauge to figure out what 1% of your income is and to learn more about this campaign.

Or sign your charity up to the One Percent Difference Campaign.

Or like the One Percent Difference Campaign on Facebook.

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