MLRC successful outcome for client who had been refused access to housing list in area where she had lived all her life and where her supports were based, 17/01/14

Mercy Law Resource Centre successfully resolved a case with a local authority on behalf of a client who found herself homeless and living in emergency accommodation.  Our client had become homeless in a local authority area (Local Authority A) in which she had lived all of her life and in which all of her supports (family, friends and medical) were based.

She applied to Local Authority A to be placed on the homeless/housing list. In her application, she had given as her contact address the address of a family member, which was in another local authority area (Local Authority B).  Our client had used this address as at that time she had no permanent address of her own.    Local Authority A refused our client’s application to be put on its housing/homeless list because it appeared that she had become homeless in the area of Local Authority B.

The effect for our client of refusing her entry on the housing list was that she had no prospect of moving from emergency accommodation and of putting her housing on a stable footing in Local Authority A.

MLRC made representations to Local Authority A on behalf of our client in an effort to resolve the matter.  MLRC set out the the reasons why our client should be included on Local Authority A’s homeless/housing list.  The matter was finally successfully concluded when Local Authority A accepted MLRC’s submissions for our client. Our client has since been included on Local Authority A’s homeless priority list and is currently awaiting an offer of housing.


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