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Measuring the extent of homelessness is difficult by its very nature because people who are homeless move frequently.  As of 31st March 2011, local authorities have compiled figures showing 98,318 households have a housing need.  Rough Sleepers are just a portion of those who are homeless in Dublin and nationwide.

A Report on the Irish Homeless Population is to be launched on 16th August 2012, it will provide a first ever Census figure for the homeless population in Ireland, including rough sleeping (Dublin only) for the year 2011.  The Dublin Region Homeless Executive is responsible for the count of people who are homeless in Dublin.  For further information you can see the homeless agency website.

Since our inception in 2009 MLRC has become an integral part of the team of NGO’s working within the homeless sector helping the most vulnerable in our society access their rights and entitlements.  As of the beginning of July 2012, approx. 1,300 clients have accessed our service for either legal advice or full legal representation.

Homeless organisations do excellent work in advocating change but their limitation is the legal barriers that present themselves.   When they reach a legal barrier, MLRC seeks to use the law to effectively work on behalf of clients who find themselves in this situation.  MLRC also strives to change the laws, policies and attitudes which unduly and adversely impact this client group.

According to the homeless agencies ‘Pathway’ May/June 2012 newsletter, a count of Rough Sleepers in Dublin took place on the 12th April 2012.   73 people were identified, 8 of them were women.

In the last 7 days alone, MLRC has provided assistance to NGO’s working with rough sleepers and we have given legal advice and assistance to 3 male and 1 female.

  • An Irish male with underlying mental health issues who had been evicted from his local authority home
  • An Irish male and a female partner, who have returned to Ireland after 13 years and are sleeping in a tent in a municipal park in Dublin.
  • A male who came to Ireland following a serious rape and assault in another jurisdiction and who was sleeping in a disused garage.

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Fingal County Council has a new central email address for all queries in relation to homelessness in their area –

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