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Mercy Law Resource Centre (MLRC) is an independent law centre, charity and company limited by guarantee.  MLRC provides accessible free legal advice and representation to people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in the areas of housing law and related social welfare law. It also seeks to advocate change in laws, policies and attitudes which unduly and adversely impact people who are at the margins of our society. As a registered charity, MLRC is dependent on fundraising and philanthropy.

The work done at MLRC has the capability to change lives and improve outcomes for some of the most vulnerable people in Irish society, caught between the cracks of the worst housing and homelessness crisis on record. In order to expand and increase the quality, quantity and impact of our services, MLRC has partnered with various like-minded corporations, developing lasting relationships that have had mutually beneficial outcomes. In 2018, through our partnership with A&L Goodbody, we saw our client outreach increase significantly, allowing us to reach more clients and help more families in homelessness.

In 2018, MLRC also advised over 100 organisations and/or their clients, including Crosscare, Liberties CIC, Dublin Simon, Focus Ireland, FLAC and Merchants Quay Ireland on housing and welfare law. In order to facilitate this Advice and training, we have partnered with a number of corporations and other organisations to promote the work of MLRC and to advocate for improved outcomes for those that are living on the extreme margins of society.

Mercy Law Resource Centre’s expertise, combined with their focus on working with those most affected by the housing crisis makes them a unique and essential service. Their staff are approachable, knowledgeable and always work with clients in a respectful and sensitive manner, taking up cases where our efforts to advocate have reached a dead end. MLRC is an excellent resource to those who would otherwise struggle to access legal advice or representation. MLRC gives people hope where there was no hope before


It has been a pleasure to work with Mercy Law over the last number of years. Mercy Law have provided support and training to our staff, both of which are so evidently needed during the current housing crisis as cases become more complex and crisis driven. The team at Mercy Law continue to advocate and pursue cases through the courts when needed to ensure our client’s rights are being upheld.

Mercy Law have supported the families we work with who need access to emergency accommodation, and without their great work and dedication many of these families would not have achieved this basic need. We thank you for your great work and wish you the best for the year ahead

Focus Ireland

The housing crisis has resulted in an unprecedented rise int eh numbers of people accessing homeless services. Many families have been left languishing in unsuitable temporary accommodation where they are denied the eight to a normal family life. The Mercy Law Resource Centre provides an invaluable legal service to these families and to individuals upholding their rights, ensuring their voices are heard and challenging those in authority to meet their statutory obligations. The Liberties Citizens Information Centre has worked closely with Mercy Law Resource Centre for many years and we comment your work and the role your service plays in advocating for the rights of those seeking access to housing

Liberties Citizen Information Centre

In 2018, our highest priority of referrals continued to be from vulnerable families and individuals with homeless and housing issues, such as issues accessing emergency accommodation or suitable accommodation; families refused access to the housing list and homeless priority; inappropriate homeless accommodation for vulnerable families or individuals. Testimonials from clients and organisations that we work with acknowledging the critical difference our involvement makes in helping people move out of the despair of homelessness can be found here.

Homelessness affects communities all over the country, and it takes a communal effort to address and tackle the root issues and associated challenges at the heart of this crisis. Partnering with MLRC allows us to carry on and meet the increasing demand for our services, while helping businesses to achieve their social responsibility and community outreach objectives.

MLRC values partnership, and is happy to develop bespoke partnership plan that will offer the most effective and meaningful impacts for our organisation, our clients, and our corporate partners. We welcome partnership opportunities offered on both a long and short term basis. If your organisation is interested in supporting the work of MLRC through training or partnership, or has an idea for a project large or small, please contact us here.

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