Board of Directors

Board of Directors2024-04-15T13:42:11+00:00
Edward Gleeson
Edward GleesonChairperson
Director since May 2022. Edward Gleeson is a solicitor and CEDR accredited mediator. He is a partner in Mason Hayes & Curran and specialises in charity law and dispute resolution.
Tom O'Brien
Tom O'BrienDirector
Director since 2023.
Ciara McGrath
Ciara McGrathDirector
Director since 2009. Project Manager with Crosscare Information & Advocacy Services.

Liam Twohig
Liam TwohigDirector
Director since 2011. Retired Senior Partner / Audit & Risk Partner of RSM Ireland. Member of the GAA National Finance Committee and Chair of the Gaelic Players Association Audit & Risk Committee.
Turlough O'Donnell S.C.
Turlough O'Donnell S.C.Director
Turlough O’Donnell is a barrister and CEDR accredited mediator. As Senior Counsel, he specialised in civil litigation while as Junior Counsel, he specialised in prosecution and defence criminal cases. Director since 2023.
Dr Sarah Hamill
Dr Sarah HamillDirector
Dr Sarah Hamill is an Assistant Professor at the School of Law, Trinity College Dublin. Her main areas of research are property law, housing law, and legal history.

Annette O'Donnell
Annette O'DonnellDirector
Director since 2023
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