Homelessness Policy Statement, 8/3/13

Mercy Law Resource Centre (MLRC) welcomes the Homelessness Policy Statement launched on the 21st of February 2013 by Housing Minister, Jan O’Sullivan.  This statement sets 2016 as the target for ending long-term homelessness and also puts the “housing led” philosophy at the centre of policy in this area.  Housing led approaches provide people with long-term stable housing as early as possible.  It moves away from the traditional “staircase” model which sees individuals and families move between various stages, including emergency accommodation, before eventually securing an appropriate place.

MLRC works on a daily basis with people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in overcoming barriers accessing local authority and private rented housing and welcomes the recognition that the “availability and supply of secure, affordable and adequate housing, the availability of appropriate measures to prevent homelessness and the availability of appropriate facilities and supports for homeless people are critical to guaranteeing the success of the housing led approach.”

MLRC is hopeful that this recognition will lead to the State addressing the issues, identified by organisations such as Focus Ireland, in relation to access to housing in the private rented sector and in our previous submission regarding the role of NAMA in addressing the need for appropriate social housing.

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