Case study of a Befriender’s role, 2/4/2013

Since MLRC’s inception in 2009, we have provided advice and representation to 1,573 clients.  In 2010, 2011 & 2012, MLRC provided advice and representation to 270, 541 & 631 clients respectively.

Here is an example of our work in recent times.

Case study

One of our clients, a mother of two young children was homeless when she attended MLRC.  The Local Authority would not accept her on the Homeless List as her name was on a mortgage with her parents and she was perceived to have an interest in her parents’ property even though she had never contributed to the mortgage repayments.  The bank would not release here from the mortgage and she and her children could not live in the property with her parents as her father is a registered sex offender.

MLRC advocated with the Council on our client’s behalf who issued a Housing Needs Assessment letter confirming that she had a housing need.  This client is now in private rented accommodation with her two young children.  The client has been assigned a befriender who will provide non legal support.

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