Meet our new staff, 5/4/13

MLRC is delighted to welcome two new personnel on board: Shauna Curran as a new part-time administrator taking the place of Rita Ann Burke.  We wish Rita Ann all the best in her new venture!

Also, welcome to Sinead Breathnach, apprentice solicitor, to our offices here at 25 Cork Street.  Sinead is an apprentice at Mason, Hayes and Curran, who have generously agreed that Sinead work with MLRC one day/week for the next 3 months.

Sinead is a graduate of the UL Law School where she has just  completed a masters in International Commercial Law.

MLRC acknowledges the generosity of MHC both in terms of their financial support of the Centre and the provision of much needed key staff.  We look forward to Sinead’s contribution to the work we are undertaking with the most marginalised in our society.

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