MLRC Calls on Government to ring fence funding, 11/4/13

MLRC calls on Government to ring fence funding for homeless services

The Dublin Homeless Network, which represents 23 charities, has warned the HSE that the cuts in funding since 2010, which average at 20%, have dramatically reduced much needed services at a time when there is an increased demand for such services.

In a survey conducted by the Central Statistics Office in 2011, it was revealed that there are 3,808 persons in homeless shelter accommodation or sleeping rough.

Member charities have taken action within new budgets to ensure that front line services have not been affected, however, a survey has found that if funding is cut further many members will have no scope to reconfigure services yet again within new reduced budgets.

Dublin City Council and HSE Dublin Mid Leinster jointly fund a reconfigured programme for homeless services in Dublin city, which they report has led to the improved provision of homeless services.  However, the Dublin Homeless Network has raised concerns that future cuts could result in some vital services for vulnerable homeless people closing altogether.

Mercy Law Resource Centre calls on the Government to ring fence funding for homeless services in order to avoid any further personal hardship for homeless people.


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