MLRC supports Threshold’s call for a statutory code of conduct to support buy-to-let tenants, 9/5/13

Mercy Law Resource Centre supports Threshold’s call for a statutory code of conduct regarding the treatment of tenants in buy-to-let properties, which are at risk of being repossessed.

As many tenants in buy-to-let properties are on the waiting list for local authority housing, the Government does have a responsibility to safeguard such tenants.  Legislation is required to protect the security of tenure for tenants in private rental properties, which have been repossessed by the banks.

Tenants are finding they have no legal standing between landlords and receivers appointed by banks. The main issues for tenants in repossessed properties are:

  • Receivers are not prepared to carry out necessary repairs.
  • Tenants are being displaced from their property.
  • Tenants are often refused the return of their rental deposits.



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