Successful outcome for MLRC client

A separated husband with an interest in the family home, Council issues housing needs assessment letter enabling him access to rent supplement and the social housing support list.

MLRC has recently assisted a client in obtaining a housing needs assessment letter from a local authority. This letter enabled our client to apply for rent supplement in his bid to source private rented accommodation. The local authority issued this letter in recognition of his housing need despite the fact that he is a part owner of a property.

Our client had separated from his wife and had not resided at the family home for a number of years. He is employed on a part-time basis and had been privately renting up to a few months ago when unfortunately he lost his tenancy. As he is a home-owner it was difficult for him to access social welfare payments in respect of rent supplement nor indeed could he access the local authority’s social housing support list.

MLRC assisted the client with his application to his local authority to be placed on their housing list. Our client has a severe medical condition and in light of his current status, his medical situation and our representations on his behalf, the local authority accepted his application for inclusion on their list for social housing support.

The local authority is also considering our client’s application for medical priority and a decision is awaited.

This is a successful outcome for our client as he is now included on the list for social housing support and he is currently seeking private rented accommodation in the interim.



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