Success for MLRC clients: Local authority allocates three bedroom accommodation for long term homeless parents working to re-unite with children in care

Our clients and their key-worker presented at our office having had difficulties with the local authority in not allocating them a 3 bed property due to the fact that their children were not living with them on a full-time basis.

Mercy Law Resource Centre made representations on behalf of our clients, who were living in emergency accommodation on a long term basis. Our clients’ children were residing on a voluntary basis with our clients’ parents due to our clients’ previous issues with addiction. Our clients had overnight access with their children with the support of social workers, key workers etc. Unfortunately as their children were not in their care on a full-time basis the local authority would not allocate them a three bed property.

MLRC made representations on behalf of our clients together with the support of social workers, the clients’ G.P. and key workers etc. and advocated on their behalf as to the reasons why this family should be allocated a three bed property. One of our main arguments was that if the family were allocated anything less than a three bed property it would severely restrict this family’s reintegration.

The local authority considered our submissions and thankfully has allocated three bed accommodation for this family. The family will also have the support of a key worker to sustain the tenancy with the local authority and work towards reintegrating the family with the return of the children to our clients on a full-time basis.

Our clients are currently awaiting details of the three bed accommodation but needless to say are delighted with the outcome.


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