MLRC, as part of the ESC Rights Initiative, calls on the Government to protect the right to housing in the Irish Constitution

25 years ago Ireland ratified the International Covenant of Economic Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR). On Sunday 7 December, MLRC, as part of the ESC Rights Initiative, called on the Government to accept the Constitutional Convention’s recommendation to protect these rights in the Constitution. The call was made by the ESC Rights Initiative, a network of prominent NGOs, at an action held yesterday, 7 December, to mark the anniversary of 8 December. The action highlighted how, 25 years on, the Government has yet to make these economic, social and cultural rights enforceable in law. The right to housing is currently not protected in our Constitution nor in legislation. The right to housing is one that is within the category, as recognised in international human rights law, of economic, social and cultural rights. Making the right to housing enforceable in Irish law would place a fundamentally important basic right in place for those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

For more information on this call, see the Irish Times article from 8 December, please click here.

For the ESC Rights Initiative press release: please click here.



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