MLRC assists client access medical priority on housing list

Our client presented with a challenging situation where he was a former Council tenant with his estranged wife who continues to reside at the property. Our client had moved out but there was an issue with rent arrears on the property which we managed to resolve.  Our client entered into a rescheduling arrangement, through An Post Household Budget Scheme, with the Council for the payment of rent arrears and has continued to comply with this arrangement for a significant length of time.

However the Council continued to refuse to include him on their housing list as a result of these arrears.  Also, our client has serious health problems which were well-documented and wished to apply for medical priority.

We prepared and lodged detailed submissions with strong supporting evidence to the Council in September 2014. Initially, in response, the Council raised an issue in relation to arrears of rent that the client had.  However the Council subsequently responded that they were prepared to re-consider the case on “compassionate grounds”.  Further submissions and working together with his social worker ensured that our client is now eligible for social housing support and is a priority on the housing list under medical grounds.



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