MLRC holds training session on housing law & related social welfare law for staff of Threshold

photo 1As part of MLRC’s work, we provide training in housing law to organisations and individuals working in the field of homelessness. In January, MLRC held a training session in housing law & related social welfare law for staff and volunteers of Threshold.

Our training session gave practical advice and information, which will help the staff and volunteers of Threshold deal even more effectively with clients’ housing issues.

photo (4)The training session focused in particular on providing an overview of housing law and the law relating to homelessness and common legal issues arising with accessing these legal entitlement; the new procedure for evictions from local authority housing; Freedom of information and data protection; fair procedures; European Convention on Human Rights; overview of the housing law.


photo (3)In their feedback, attendees described the session as “excellent”, noting that the training session was very informative and useful, that it will make a difference in their work, particularly the training on the following:

  • Exceptional social grounds schemes in local councils’ allocations schemes.
  • The local connection test for eligibility for the housing list.
  • The definition of “homelessness” and the lack of legal basis for any test of whether a person is “intentionally homeless”.
  • Common legal issues in accessing social housing; legal rights to emergency accommodation
  • The new eviction procedures.
  • The meaning of “fair procedures”.


If you are interested in organising a training session by MLRC, please contact Shauna on 01 4537459 or at We would be very happy to hear from you and discuss the training that would be most useful for you.



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