Successful outcome for MLRC client, Social Welfare Appeal and Residential Tenancy Board Adjudication

Our client, we shall call him, Joe, came to Mercy Law Resource Centre as he was destitute and literally sitting in the dark as he had no funds for electricity.

Joe had secured accommodation and moved in to his one bed apartment in January of 2016. He had explained to his landlord that he was searching for employment and was currently on social welfare.  Joe’s landlord continually refused to give Joe a rent book or to sign the rent supplement form. This meant that Joe was unable to prove his address to Social Welfare and his social welfare payment was stopped in March leaving Joe without any income and therefore he was unable to pay his rent.

Joe had to rely on the generosity of charities for food and sustenance.  Joe came to us in April and we made several attempts to contact his landlord in order to resolve this matter. His landlord refused to engage in any negotiations and issued several invalid notices to quit. We subsequently made a complaint to the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB).

As a result of our advocacy Joe’s social welfare payment was reinstated in May and the RTB adjudication was successful as it was negotiated that Joe did not have to pay 6 months’ rent and a future date was agreed for him to leave the property and Joe was very happy to do so as the relationship with his landlord had irrevocably broken down.

Joe found a job in June 2016 and is happily working away and has put this sorry affair behind him with the assistance of Mercy Law Resource Centre.



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