“It is truly inspiring to see them work” – Carmen shares her experience of work placement with Mercy Law Resource Centre

I am currently undertaking a Legal Secretary Course in Rathmines College Of Further Education. My course requires me to have at least 2 weeks of work experience in an office. I always wanted to do my work experience with a law firm as that’s the path I would like to take. Last year I did my work experience with FLAC but I really wanted to do my work experience with MLRC as they worked with my family before and did a great job and helped us out a lot. I had also heard plenty of great things from my tutor about MLRC. I was lucky enough to get a placement with MLRC and I could not be happier or more grateful for this experience. MLRC deals with homelessness and people at risk of being homeless. They put so much work in every case; it is truly inspiring to see them work.

I started my first day of work experience in the 17 of February 2020. I was anxious because I did not know what to expect even though I have previously worked in a law firm before; every office is different. When I walked in I was greeted by Nuala the lovely secretary who knows the ins and outs of the office, Danielle who is one of the administrators, Shauna who is in charge of the accounts and payroll. After introducing myself and chatting to everyone for a bit I felt more comfortable and did not feel anxious anymore. After getting settled in and having scones with the team, Nuala showed me how the database works and the filing and administrative systems. Nuala let me know what was going to happen throughout the week and the tasks that were given to me.
On Wednesday MLRC attend an outreach legal clinic at Liberties CIC on Meath Street which I was fortunate enough to attend with Paul, one of the MLRC solicitors. All three clients that were on the trige list came in for their appointments. The whole experience was eye-opening. It was a bit surreal to hear the serious struggles families and individuals have to deal with on day to day basis. Every appointment had different issues but they were all shocking and heart-breaking . It made me realise that I should be more grateful of all the things in my life and not to take things for granted; it was probably the most humbling experience I took part in.

Later in the placement, I attended the MLRC clinic at Crosscare Advocacy Service. Sinead, one of the practising solicitors at MLRC, looked after me at the clinic and took me to sit in on the sessions. One of the clients spoke Romanian and the translator was running late so I was able to translate until the translator arrived. I really enjoyed it and I was more than happy to help. After that clinic, I joined Rebecca MLRC Managing Solicitor at a meeting with MLRC pro bono partners A&L Goodbody Solicitors.

A lot of queries were discussed in relation to some of the policies referring to homelessness or risk of becoming homeless. It was a very interesting experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Overall my experience with Mercy Law was fantastic and I would like to thank everyone one in the MLRC for having me. I am so grateful for all the knowledge I gained thanks to you all at MLRC and your great work.

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