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Through our casework, we identify issues which affect our client group and work to bring about changes to policy which would be of broader benefit. Our policy work is informed by our extensive engagement with the issues on the ground and our niche expertise and knowledge of housing and homelessness law and policy.

Our aim is to advocate effectively on behalf of our client group in order to change those laws, policies and attitudes which unduly and adversely impact on them. Such impacts deprive them of the means to improve their lives, undermining their right to live in dignity in the security of a home. We advocate to ensure people who are homeless have equal and effective access to justice.

We recognise the value of working with other persons and organisations in this area and are committed to doing so in pursuit of our aims. All of our publications are available here

Our advocacy is currently focused on three main areas:

Right to housing

MLRC continues to advocate for legal protection of the right to housing. To date, MLRC has launched a trilogy of reports on the right to housing:

In March 2016, MLRC appeared before the Universal Periodic Review, Geneva, to speak about our work and the gaps in legal protection for those who are homeless in Ireland, focusing on the need for protection of the right to housing in Ireland. MLRC presented to the Oireachtas Committee on Housing and Homelessness on 10 May 2016 with respect of the right to housing. MLRC presented to the Joint Committee on Housing, Planning and Local Government on 12th of June 2018 on the right to housing. Subsequently, MLRC presented to the the Joint Committee on Housing, Planning and Local Government on 12th of June 2019 on the issues relating to child and family homelessness.

Issues arising in emergency accommodation

MLRC has repeatedly raised urgent concern in relation to the manner in which homeless accommodation is provided to vulnerable individuals and families, and has called for legal reform to move towards a rights-based framework.

In June 2017, MLRC made a submission to the Minister for Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government with regard to the provision of emergency accommodation by local authorities and continues to advocate for improvements to the provision. On 12 June 2019, MLRC made a statement and presented to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Housing, Planning and Local Government in relation to child and family homelessness.

Discrimination in relation to accessing housing entitlements

MLRC acts for a high proportion of ethnic minority clients, including members of the Traveller community and individuals of Roma ethnicity. We have identified a number of legal barriers that make it difficult for such applicants to access their housing entitlements. We are currently researching this issue for the purpose of making recommendations to counter the discrimination our clients have experienced.